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Sitel Group est leader mondial des services intégrés au cœur de l’Expérience Client.

Nous sommes présents dans 40 pays, avec 160 000 Collaborateurs parlant 50 langues. Nous accompagnons chaque jour plus de 700 partenaires dans le monde.

L’ADN de Sitel Group repose sur notre crédo « Create Connexion. Value Conversation », sur l’innovation permanente et le développement de nouvelles solutions visant à transformer la Relation Client en expérience véritablement personnalisée pour le client. Nous avons à cœur d’aider les marques à fidéliser leurs clients et à toujours augmenter leur satisfaction. Nous conservons et déployons des solutions adaptées à chacun de nos clients et permettant une gestion de bout en bout de l’Expérience Client.

En Afrique, nous comptons plus de 8600 collaborateurs répartis sur Casablanca, Rabat, Fès, Abidjan, Dakar et le Caire.

Notre performance opérationnelle repose sur la culture du « People First » portée par nos équipes à tous les niveaux de l’entreprise.

Cette devise se traduit quotidiennement à travers nos 4 valeurs :

Be Bold, Build Trust, Work Together, Wow Customers.


1100 Bd El Qods, Sidi Maârouf), Casanearshore Park


Content moderators are responsible for the day-to-day management of internet content, ensuring a quality experience for millions of internet users.
Moderators have the opportunity to have a significant and direct impact on the quality of social media and advertising products.
The work includes detecting and monitoring social media sites or applications for abusive, malicious, or inappropriate content that ensures safe experiences for users and communities. This position requires an energetic professional with some technical aptitude and great attention to detail.

Your responsibilities are:

• Screen all Client’s advertisers’ campaigns before they go live. Label campaigns for safety, content category etc. Approve or reject creatives
• Review content and classify it quickly and correctly per policy
• Timely response to incoming inquiries via Chat and CRM systems
• Communicate urgent issues internally and externally
• Quickly adapt to change (new content, changing policies)
• Ability to communicate in an easy to understand format (verbal and written)
• Ability to work independently and within a team.

Profile recherché

• Overall IT Knowledge and computer literacy.
• Excellent communications skills: written and verbal. Excellent proficiency in the English language: academic and folklore.
• Analytical skills and process understanding.
• Customer focus attitude and sense of responsibility.
• Able to execute instructions and to request clarification when needed.
• Possesses basic clerical and data entry skills.
• Able to recognize and attend to important details with accuracy and efficiency.
• Able to communicate clearly and convey necessary information.
• Possesses strong multi-cultural interpersonal skills.
• Able to constructively work under stress and pressure when faced with high workloads and deadlines.
• Able to maintain and promote social, ethical, and organizational standards in conducting internal and external business activities.
• Able to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information
• Able to build solid, effective working relationships with others.
• Able to exhibit ability to be sensitive to the needs, concerns, and feelings of others.
• Able to quickly learn new systems and technology.
• Able to use relevant computer system applications at a basic level.
• 1+ years of experience assisting with the implementation of operational procedures or other training/quality experience
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Critical thinking and problem solving skills
• Agreed upon minimum English language / American Culture test score based on Client testing process

• BA/BS degree preferred or equivalent level work experience
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Agreed upon minimum English language / American Culture test score based on Client testing process
• Able to assign shift roles to reviewers based on their performance, strengths and weaknesses
• Able to plan shift according to data presented in beginning of shift
• Demonstrate flexibility and ability to change roles/ provide reinforcements during shift to avoid backlog
• Ability to identify quickly potential risks/ problems in te shift and respond accordingly
• Able to work in a high-pressure and dynamic environment
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Able to identify in real time challenges during the shift amongst reviewers
• Able to identify unclear policies / guidelines during shift
• Strong communication skills
• Demonstrate strong leadership skills
• Strong data analysis abilities

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