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COFICAB is a best-in-class world leader in the manufacturing and sales of automotive cables and wires. The company is a member of the Tunisian multinational industrial group, ELLOUMI Group, founded in 1946. COFICAB Group’s footprint expands over 11 countries all over the world. The group is number one worldwide in its capacity as a tier 2 supplier to most of the big players in the automotive industry.

The HR department’s first priority is to support COFICAB in meeting its strategic goals and implementing its vision, through taking care of its most valuable resource: its people.

COFICAB employs over 3000 people worldwide. We excel at finding and continuously developing outstanding talent.




Plans, oversees and coordinates all Logistics activities and operations, such as Logistics Department budgeting and planning, procurement, production planning, inventory and warehouse management, packaging management, customer coordination ,picking, shipment and transportation.

Main Tasks :

- Oversees and monitors the inventory management process of finished goods, raw material, consumables and packages. Plans and supervises cycle inventory and particpate in legal inventory count. Assures proper storage conditions in order to respect quality, health and safety requirements. Defines clearly locations and check storage capacity for optimization.

-Oversees customer forecast reliability analysis. Deals with customers priorities and treats logistics claims

-Validates and follows up delivery plan based on customer orders to optimize transit time & pick/pack/loading time. Follows up delivery accuracy On-Time-In Full and defines actions if needed. Validates fleet maintenance plan and recommends measures to improve conditions of fleet.

Profile recherché

-Extensive experience as Logistics Manager in the automotive industry

- Strong Leadership

-Customer satisfaction oriented

Functional and Technical Competencies :
Warehouse management/ Transportation management/ Supply chain synchronization/ International regulation/ customer relationship management/ Execution, planning, scheduling control/ project management/ Inventory management/Demand management & forecasting/problem solving tools/manufacturing process environement/ Budgeting & cost estimating/ basic accounting & finance.

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