Foundever is recruiting a Sales Operations Manager Contrat : CDI

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Sitel Group devient officiellement Foundever™.

Foundever™ est un leader mondial de l'expérience client (CX). Avec 170 000 collaborateurs dans le monde, nous sommes l’équipe derrière les meilleures expériences des 750 plus grandes marques internationales et digitales.

Nos solutions CX innovantes, notre technologie et notre expertise sont conçues pour répondre aux besoins opérationnels de nos clients et leur offrir une expérience sans couture, partout et à tout moment. Prenant en charge 9 millions d’expériences chaque jour dans plus de 60 langues et 45 pays, Foundever combine la force d’une présence mondiale à une approche entrepreneuriale, permettant aux entreprises de toutes tailles et de tous secteurs de transformer leur CX.


1100 Bd El Qods, Sidi Maârouf), Casanearshore Park


1. Team Leadership: Lead and manage a team of sales representatives within a designated territory or market segment. Provide guidance, support, and direction to ensure team cohesion and effectiveness.

2. Sales Strategy Development: Develop comprehensive sales strategies aligned with the Campaign and market trends. Analyze market data, identify opportunities for growth, and devise plans to capitalize on them.

3. Sales Target Setting: Set ambitious yet achievable sales targets for the team based on market potential and historical performance. Establish clear benchmarks and KPIs to measure progress.

4. Training and Development: Implement training programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of sales team members. Provide ongoing coaching, feedback, and support to foster continuous improvement and professional growth.

5. Performance Monitoring: Monitor individual and team performance against sales targets and KPIs. Identify areas for improvement and implement corrective measures as needed to ensure goals are met or exceeded.

6. Sales Forecasting: Forecast sales projections based on market analysis, historical data, and current trends. Utilize forecasting models to anticipate demand, allocate resources effectively, and optimize inventory levels.

7. Budget Management: Develop and manage the sales budget for the assigned territory or segment. Allocate resources judiciously to maximize ROI while minimizing costs and expenses.

8. Collaboration with Cross-Functional Teams: Collaborate closely with marketing, product development, and other departments to align sales efforts with overall business strategies. Share market insights, customer feedback, and competitive intelligence to inform decision-making.

9. Reporting and Analysis: Prepare regular sales reports, performance dashboards, and analyses for senior management. Provide insights into sales trends, market dynamics, and competitive landscape to support strategic decision-making.

10. Compliance and Ethics: Ensure compliance and Uphold ethical standards in all sales activities and interactions with customers and stakeholders.

11. Professional Development: Stay abreast of industry developments, best practices, and emerging technologies in sales management. Attend meetings, workshops, and training sessions to enhance knowledge and skills.

Profile recherché

• Bachelor Degree in the following or related areas: Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, management, Business Studies.

• Excellent command of English, with both verbal and written communication skills

• Strong leadership skills with ability to manage multiple teams and large groups of people.

• Performance Management Skills (coaching, conducting an appraisal).

. Strong interpersonal skills and experience demonstrating successful customer/client relationship management. Good computer skills.

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