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Prompt Engineer WANTED !

Do you want to be one of the key players in LEYTON Group's expansion and be part of an excellence & learning driven environment? This one is for you!

LEYTON is an international consulting firm and our teams around the world remain devoted to the economic, ecological and social development of organisations.

We exist in 16 countries, with more than 36 offices worldwide and share values such as team spirit, innovation and sustainable development. We assist companies in their sustainable development and the enduring success of their business, in both the private and the public sector, through our high added value consulting missions in these three major themes: Innovation, economic efficiency and energetic efficiency.

Our ICT department is based in Morocco in our premises and we have a team of more than 100 talents working on diverse and cutting edge projects!


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LEYTON is hiring a talented Prompt Engineering who is passionate about the power of LLMs and prompting to solve business problems within the Datalab. In this role, you will make a key contribution to improving and refining prompts for our state-of-the-art AI language models and generative systems. The ideal candidate for this job should be well-versed in the whole life cycle of delivering Data Science and Analytics solutions and should be self-motivated with strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
As a Prompt Engineer, you are tasked with:

Research and evaluate different techniques to generate high-quality AI responses (prompts) for a variety of use cases.
Build a library of effective prompts and provide guidance for users to identify suitable prompts.
Work closely with key enterprise clients to develop customized prompting strategies aligned with their needs.
Develop interactive tutorials and tools to educate users on prompt engineering best practices.

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Solid understanding of natural language processing and how large language models work.
Excellent communication and teaching skills with the ability to create useful documentation.
Enjoys engaging with customers to understand their needs and provide solutions.
Creative problem solver who likes tackling complex challenges.
Basic programming skills in Python.
Strong organizational and team building skills.
Strategic mindset to identify key priorities and risks.
Passion for building AI systems that are safe, ethical, and beneficial to society.
Stays up to date with the latest AI research and trends.
Ability to anticipate potential issues, simulate different scenarios and provide practical guidance.
Thinks creatively about the risks and rewards of emerging technologies beyond standard checklists.
A good sense of Intellectual curiosity, initiative, proactivity.
Fluent in French & English, other languages are a plus.

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