Senior Data Scientist Contrat : CDI

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Leyton Morocco is a leading force, offering essential assistance in business and engineering services worldwide. Our team's proficiency in handling complex operations, along with a diverse language skill set, positions us to cater to a global clientele. Our areas of specialization encompass innovation funding, consulting, energy, and outsourced services.


Parc Casanearshore Sidi Maârouf Shore 14


Main Responsibilities:
• Support for the realization of various Data Science projects and participation in the success of our customers in many sectors of activity (health, industries, communications, financial services, etc.).
• Frame and formalize the client's needs, expressed or not.
• Seek the most appropriate scientific approach to the problem.
• Participate in the automatic extraction and management of massive data, structured or not.
• Perform statistical analyzes and transform data.
• Build predictive models and evaluate their performance.
• Contribute to the production of algorithms, to the industrialization of developments.
• Restore and enhance its results with data visualization tools.
• Participation in the animation of the collaborator's domain (events, presentations, etc.) and in the development strategy of the team.
• Identify the needs and the problems of the business departments.
• Define a statistical model which makes it possible to answer the problem.
• Build analysis tools to collect company data.
• Source and gather all the sources of structured or unstructured data necessary for the analysis.
• Organize, study and synthesize these data sources in the form of exploitable results.
• Construction of algorithms to improve search and targeting results.
• Development of predictive models in order to anticipate the evolution of data and trends relating to the company's activity.
• Model behaviors and extract new user uses.
• Contribute to the production of algorithms, to the industrialization of developments.
• Be responsible for the solutions delivered and their compliance with customer expectations.
• Contribute to technological watch on Data Science and Big Data subjects and supervise less experienced employees (juniors and interns)

Profile recherché

• Master’s degree in engineering or Doctor specialized in statistical analysis and computer programming or from a university with a major in Data Science, Statistics or Applied Mathematics.
• Would be a plus: Certifications in Statistics / Big Data / Machine Learning.
• 4+ years of experience in the same position.
• Fluent in French & English
Technical Skills:
• Knowledge of statistics and machine learning.
• Mastery of analytical modeling tools, Decision Trees and Neural Networks (Logistic, Linear Regression, etc.) and Feature Engineering.
• Mastery of Technologies and Models: XGBoost, TensorFlow, Random Forest, SVM, etc.
• Ability to produce supervised and unsupervised models.
• Master of SMOTE “the Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique”.
• Ability to analyze and extract insights from structured (in-depth knowledge of SQL) and unstructured data.
• Be able to present the results of the models: lift curve, Roc-AUC, F1 Score, Recall, Accuracy, Confusion Matrix, etc.
• Understanding of linear algebra and statistics.
• Development experience to extract and query data (Python, R, Spark, Java).
Behavioral Skills:
• Intellectual curiosity, initiative, proactivity.
• Organizational capacities.
• Autonomy, interpersonal skills, facilitator.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.

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