Tech/Dev Expert – Chatbot & Voicebot Contrat : CDI

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Sitel Group devient officiellement Foundever™.

Foundever™ est un leader mondial de l'expérience client (CX). Avec 170 000 collaborateurs dans le monde, nous sommes l’équipe derrière les meilleures expériences des 750 plus grandes marques internationales et digitales.

Nos solutions CX innovantes, notre technologie et notre expertise sont conçues pour répondre aux besoins opérationnels de nos clients et leur offrir une expérience sans couture, partout et à tout moment. Prenant en charge 9 millions d’expériences chaque jour dans plus de 60 langues et 45 pays, Foundever combine la force d’une présence mondiale à une approche entrepreneuriale, permettant aux entreprises de toutes tailles et de tous secteurs de transformer leur CX.


1100 Bd El Qods, Sidi Maârouf), Casanearshore Park


A Developer for Bot projects is responsible for the technical aspects of building and maintaining conversational interfaces. Their role involves programming the Chatbot or Voicebot, integrating it with various APIs and databases, and ensuring its functionality across different platforms and devices. They work closely with conversational designers to implement the conversation flows, dialogues, and user interaction models. Developers also handle the backend logic, including natural language processing, machine learning models for understanding and generating responses, and security measures to protect user data. They continuously test, debug, and update the system to improve performance, usability, and reliability.

• Support with Issue Resolution: Identify and troubleshoot technical issues.

• Participate in innovative sprints with the team to test new features or capabilities released by our partner.

• Ensure scalability and integration with other systems (API).

• Promptly resolve technical issues to maintain a smooth user experience.

• Safeguard user data and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

• Participate in KPI monitoring and make proposals for tech improvements when needed (e.g. latency optimization)

• Evaluate the different LLM capabilities and support actively the conversational designer in choosing the appropriate LLM in case on use of GEN AI. Support API keys integrations when needed.

• Share knowledge, document procedures, and maintain up to date the technical aspects of the SOW.

• Coordination with other technical stakeholders (internal or external) and teamwork with all stakeholders.

• Maintenance of the bot: development of bugs and technical evolutions requested by stakeholders to improve the bot performance.

Profile recherché

• Experience in Technical Support: At least 1-2 years of experience in a technical support role, preferably in a similar industry or environment.

• Technical Proficiency: Strong knowledge of CAI technologies, troubleshooting, and data management.

• Problem-Solving Skills: The ability to diagnose and resolve technical issues effectively.

• Troubleshooting Skills: Demonstrated ability to identify and resolve technical issues efficiently.

• Knowledge of Data Privacy Regulations: Basic understanding of data privacy regulations such as GDPR or CCPA and their implications for technical systems.

• Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively assist users and collaborate with developers. Clear and user-centric communication skills to assist users and collaborate with the team.

• Team Collaboration: Experience working collaboratively with cross-functional teams, particularly with developers or IT professionals.

• Documentation Skills: Ability to document configurations and procedures accurately for future reference and knowledge sharing.

• Support testing of new features and capabilities released by our partner.

• Continuous learning mindset: Willingness to stay updated with evolving technologies and industry trends. Ability to proactively test new features and capabilities.

• Prompt engineering and RAG knowledge.

• Minimum – Fluent in English. Other languages appreciated.

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