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Lot 660, Hay Moulay Rachid, Ben Guerir 43150


Area of specialization in GSMI:

  • Mineral processing projects management
  • Ore/mine waste sorting in mining industry
  • Implementation of pilot sorting plant
  • Multidisciplinary characterization of ores and mine waste

Job Description

The Geology and Sustainable Mining Institute (GSMI) at the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) invites applications for a scientist position in ORE/MINE WASTE SORTING. We are especially interested in candidates with research interests in the ore sorting within Mineral processing, Implementation of pilot sorting plant, and multidisciplinary characterization (physical, chemical, mineralogical properties) of mineral materials.

The candidate will be involved in multidisciplinary research projects aimed at improving the scientific knowledge of the processing of low-grade ores and solid mine waste using sensor-based sorting “Ore sorting” approach to optimize mineral processing operations and maximize resource recovery. The selected candidate is expected to implement and initiate operations in the pilot sorting plant. The candidate will be able to configurate the sorter to conduct a test work for various ores/waste using different sensors. This will involve a thorough examination of the mineralogical, physical, and chemical properties of ores/ mine waste. The candidate also is demanded to participate with industry to produce a local sorter.

The position is open to candidates holding a Ph.D. degree in mineral processing, materials science, or a related field with a focus on ore/mine waste sorting approach.

Key duties:

Typical duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Implementation and initiating operations in the pilot sorting plant
    • Implementation and overseeing the installation of pilot sorting plant with the necessary machinery
    • Configuration and calibration of the pilot sorting plant machinery
    • Commissioning of ore sorting equipment and systems
  • Feasibility Studies, Data Analysis, and Performance Monitoring
    • Conducting a multidisciplinary characterization of ores/mine waste
    • Sample preparation and sensor calibration of the ore sorting equipment withing specimens
    • Execution of ore/mine waste sorting test work
    • Evaluation of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) during sample preparation, multidisciplinary analysis, and sorting tests
    • Evaluation and analysis of test work results within mineral sorting approach
    • Optimizing sorting process to maximize recovery and minimize losses
    • Preparation of technical reports and presentations for management and stakeholders
    • Proposition of new flowsheet based on the results of the ore sorting results.
  • Maintenance activities, Documentation, and Professional Development
    • Providing technical support to operations and maintenance staff
    • Conducting regular and preventive maintenance activities, such as cleaning, and inspections to maximize equipment lifespan
    • Maintaining detailed records of ore sorting activities, including equipment specifications, operational data, and maintenance logs
    • Working in coordination of local industry to produce a local sorter
    • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations and environmental standards
  • Managing project, coordination, and collaboration
    • Managing ore/mine waste sorting test works from conception to completion, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation
    • Monitoring of day-to-day operation within a team in the pilot sorting plant
    • Monitoring project progress and deliverables
  • Others:
    • Participating in conferences, workshops, and mining industry events and produce scientific papers,
    • Contribute to the development of interdisciplinary projects within the UM6P and external departments,
    • Excellent interpersonal and collaborative skills, and the ability to work well independently, as a member of our research team,
    • Independence and intellectual strength to drive independent research projects,

Applications must be submitted by Mars 20, 2024, will all documents attached in a single file or zipped in a single folder with the mention ‘Ore sorting’ in the subject.

Required documents include:

  • Application letter;
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae;
  • List of publications;
  • Contact information of three reference letters;
  • Other documents that the candidate considers important for the recruitment process.

The applications will be reviewed by a scientific committee. The selection board will decide from among the eligible applicants those who will be invited to attend an interview.

Profile recherché

Criteria/skills of the candidate:

  • PhD in mineral processing or similar filed
  • Good knowledge in ore sorting technologies (XRT, EM, Color, NIR, …)
  • Good knowledge in multidisciplinary characterization of ores and mine waste (chemistry, mineralogy, …).
  • Extensive experience in mineral processing techniques,
  • Good knowledge in data analysis
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and writing are important. Fluency in French and English are required.
  • Good knowledge in project management (Team leadership and collaboration)
  • Ability to travel for missions.
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