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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is an institution dedicated to research and innovation in Africa and aims to position itself among world-renowned universities in its fields The University is engaged in economic and human development and puts research and innovation at the forefront of African development. A mechanism that enables it to consolidate Morocco’s frontline position in these fields, in a unique partnership-based approach and boosting skills training relevant for the future of Africa. Located in the municipality of Benguerir, in the very heart of the Green City, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University aspires to leave its mark nationally, continentally, and globally.


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Engineer in Bioprocesses

Location: UM6P Laayoune

Expected starting date: April 1st, 2024

Contract Type: CDI

Job Summary

The Research Center on Algal Biotechnology (RCAB) at University Mohammed VY Polytechnic (UM6P), Laayoune City, is seeking a highly motivated Engineer in Bioprocesses Engineering, preferably the algae bioprocesses. As a Bioprocess Engineering Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in the development, optimization, and scale-up of bioprocesses within our organization. Your primary responsibilities will involve designing, and implementing bioprocess methodologies including troubleshooting to enhance efficiency, productivity, and product quality. You will collaborate closely with multidisciplinary teams to ensure the seamless integration of bioprocess engineering principles into our research and production workflows. This role requires a deep understanding of bioprocess engineering concepts, equipment, and technologies, along with excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Design and develop bioprocess strategies for the harvesting, and downstream processing of biological materials, such as microorganisms, enzymes, and biomolecules.
  2. Conduct experiments and pilot-scale studies to optimize bioprocess parameters, including fermentation conditions, nutrient optimization, and process kinetics.
  3. Design and optimize downstream processing steps for the extraction, purification, and fractionation of valuable algae-derived products, such as lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and bioactive compounds.
  4. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate bioprocess engineering solutions into research projects and product development initiatives.
  5. Implement process control strategies and monitoring tools to ensure consistency, reproducibility, and scalability of bioprocess operations.
  6. Troubleshoot technical issues and deviations in bioprocess performance, identifying root causes and implementing corrective actions.
  7. Stay abreast of advancements in bioprocess engineering, biotechnology, and related fields, contributing insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.
  8. Maintain accurate records, documentation, and reports related to bioprocess development activities, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and quality requirements.

About UM6P Laayoune:

Located at the Technopole of Foum El Oued, Laayoune City, Morocco, the new satellite of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), a higher research & education institution with an international standard, is established to serve Morocco and the African continent. Its vision is honed around research and innovation at the service of education and development. This unique nascent university, with its state-of-the-art campus and infrastructure, has woven a sound academic and research network, and its recruitment process is seeking high quality academics and professionals to boost its quality-oriented research environment.

UM6P is a very ambitious university, enjoying ample research funding, moderate
teaching load, and excellent facilities.

In its research approach, the UM6P promotes transdisciplinary, entrepreneurship spirit and collaboration with external institutions for developing up to date science and at continent level in order to address real challenges.

All our programs run as start-ups and can be self-organized when they reach a critical mass. Thus, academic liberty is promoted as far as funding is developed by research teams.

The research programs are integrated from long-term research to short-term applications in linkage with incubation and start-up ecosystems.

UM6P offers highly competitive salaries at the international level. Our researchers get incentives through a participation to the intellectual property they develop.

About the Research Center on Algal Biotechnology (RCAB) – UM6P Laayoune :

The Research Center on Algal Biotechnology (RCAB) is a new component of the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P). It is located in Laayoune City and constitutes a structure of practical-based research with a vision of offering versatile infrastructure for cultivation and conversion of algae based on merging biotechnology, environmental science, and sustainability. Driven by innovation, sustainability, and interdisciplinary collaboration, the center aims to bridge research and practical applications for the development of a large spectrum of applications in agriculture, cosmetical, pharmaceuticals, feed and food industry, bioremediation, climate change mitigation, and renewable energy production.

Profile recherché

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in chemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, biochemical engineering, or a related field.
  • Extensive experience (minimum 10 years) in bioprocesses engineering, with a focus on algae biomass valorization and downstream processing, preferably for biotechnology, renewable energy, or food industries.
  • Proven experience in bioprocess development, optimization, and scale-up, preferably in a research or industrial setting.
  • Proficiency in algae valorization techniques, bioreactor design and operation, enzymatic kinetics, and downstream processing methodologies.
  • Strong analytical skills, with the ability to interpret experimental data, troubleshoot technical challenges, and optimize bioprocess parameters.
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and project management skills, with the ability to work effectively within multidisciplinary teams and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements, quality standards, and best practices applicable to algae bioprocessing activities.
  • Detail-oriented approach, with a commitment to maintaining high standards of accuracy, safety, and compliance in all aspects of work.

This job description outlines the primary responsibilities and qualifications expected of an Bioprocess Engineering Engineer. Specific duties and requirements may vary based on the institution's needs and policies.

Application procedure:

Applications must be sent using a single electronic zipped folder with the mention of the job title. The folder must contain:

  • A detailed CV.
  • A synthetic presentation of your background, projects and activities, key achievements
  • Cover letter highlighting the key qualifications.
  • 3 reference letters
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